Education :

B.F.A , Bachelor of Fine Arts , Helwan university(1991-1995)

Graphic section ,very good with honor.


Over the last 7 years as a Teacher of Quran Tajweed and Hifz,

I have gained immense satisfaction from sharing the knowledge that Allah has blessed me with, by teaching others who are striving to learn the language of the Glorious Quran.

It is my intention to continue to develop my own skills and capabilities so that inshaa’Allah I can help others for the sake of Allah.  As such, I am always interested in exploring opportunities to work with organizations on a Teaching or Coaching basis, and am prepared to travel to fulfil this goal.

All Praise and Thanks and due to Allah, The Most High

Experience and Knowledge :

●Started to study Islamic subjects and Tajweed in 2005

●Finished 4 years of Da’wa institute in 2010 (excellent with honor)

●Studied advanced Tajweed course for 2 years with SheikhaHoda (whose sheikh was Sh.Ayman Swayd)

●Joined the Qur’an memorization institute in 2012

●Teaching Adaa’ (the proper reading for Quran) online live classes.

●Has been teaching Tajweed for more than seven years on the internet for the Non Arab students

●Received two Sanad certificate for the whole Qur’an

●Following success of online Tajweed classes and in response to student demand, I did a unique syllabus books consists of two parts (part 1 is for Beginner and Intermediate ,  part 2 is more advanced )

●Providing step by step tutorial videos as a helping tools to my first tajweed book :

Tajweed Guide to Read Right – part 1

Available at :-

Webpage :

Additional material and tutorials:

About the course That I am teaching and my book :

The book covers all the main areas of Tajweed that are required to read the Qur’an properly.

The sections that cover articulation points(Makharij), characteristics of letters(Sifat) ,the rules of Laam, , the relationship between two meeting letters and more theoretical lessons is in the second book( part 2).

The order of lessons in book 1 is completely different from any other Tajweed book.

The methodology used in book 1 is based on Noor Ul Bayan, that is spelling of individual letters of the verses in the Qur’an. As we spell the verse out we study all rules we encounter. So when we reach the end of a verse we will know how to read it correctly, completely, practically and also have the knowledge of all the rules that the verse contains.

This course is structured to help the student comprehend each rule in each verse easily.

The rules themselves can be studied independently, but their correct application can only be achieved by listening to, reciting to and being corrected by a qualified teacher of Qu’ran.

The Qiraa used in this book is  Hafs ‘An ‘Aasim by the way of Shaatibiyyah

حَفْص عَن عَاصِم   مِن طَرِيق  الشَّاطِبِّيَّة


Courses and Traning :

•Arabic Da’wa courses

•English Da’wa courses

•Tajweed and Adaa’ (the proper reading for Quran) courses

•E-commerce & E-Marketing course

•Hypnosis Practitioner Certificate

from The Mindcare Organisation

•Advanced Pranic Healing Certificate

World Pranic Healing

•Psychotherapy Pranic Healing Certificate

World Pranic Healing Foundation”

•Meditation Master Certificate

•Breathing classes for healthy life.

•Different other courses and workshops in self motivation

And personality improvement


Previous Experiences ,

Work as a teacher of  art activities ,drawing and English language

In preschools and schools

Training programs offered by Neveen Essam-eldeen Mohamed


من فضلك شارك هذا المحتوي | فأنت عندما تساهم في نشر العلم والتنوير تفتح بذلك مسارات الطاقة لديك وتزيد فرصتك لأستقبال التجليات في حياتك
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